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The Mud Monster: A Bath Book (backyardigans)

Mud Monster A Bath Book

Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon

Author: Kara McMahon

Mud Monster: A Bath Book is a superb kids book. Written by Kara McMahon and it was published on the 23rd of January, 2007 by Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon. The book has 8 pages. Allow yourself to get engrossed within this book. Just imagine your self as the primary character, curious about and struggling to find the answers as you go along. Whilst you read, envision this experience inside of your head. You can get as inventive as you choose with the situation in your mind. It's going to surely place you amidst the enjoyment and thrill of the children book. For more information about this kids book, click on our affilate button.


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