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Backyardigans And The Beanstalk

Backyardigans And The Beanstalk
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Simon & Schuster Children's

Author: Nickelodeon

The author is Nickelodeon and it is published by Simon & Schuster Children's. This went on sale sometime in 2009. The book is 24 pages long. To get the best bargain on a copy for this book as well as other products, click on the shopping cart link on this site.

Supergardeners Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone are so great at gardening that they grow a giant beanstalk. This fun adventure story is a great strategy to kick off summer and celebrate vegetables! Can the supergardeners help give this giant a green thumb? When they climb up the beanstalk, guess what they find? Tasha is a grumpy giant, because she's sick and tired of eating mush all of the time. A giant named Tasha.


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